Center for the Indigent (umuogbenye-ward)

This centre was established to cater for the abjectly poor who have no resources and source of livelihood to cater for themselves. Most of these individuals have no home and especially the orphans who have lost their parents and/or family to the war or tribal conflicts, hence, Father Edeh began to take in orphans from Elele and its environs.

The centre provides meals (3 times) daily to the orphans, widows, poor mothers and the less privileged in the society who were taken in by the centre and many more who lived in the community around the centre. There is no discrimination based on gender, age, ethnic group, religious adherence and language.

Once, well fed, and other needs of the beneficiaries are met, they could assimilated into any of the skill acquisition programs and upon completion they are employed at any of the established work units of the Peace Centre, such as the carpentry unit, masonry, painting, auto mechanic workshop, electrical workshop, etc. Those who prove to possess sound academic abilities would be integrated into existing scholarship scheme in one of the educational establishments founded by Father Edeh.