Skill Acquisition & Rehabilitation Center

With many troubled, jobless and directionless young people; male and female, gathered around Father Edeh in large numbers, Father. Edeh established Our Saviour Rehabilitation Centre in 1986. There were also sick people who due to protracted illness were abandoned by their relatives. This group of people were picked up, given free medications and rehabilitated. Once rehabilitated they were introduced into self-help projects and taught how to make products such as: Toilet Tissue, Paint, Tonic wine, Pomade, powder, Bread, Olive oil, Primo Rub, Pure water, soft drink, Candle, Ice cream etc.

With their newly acquired skills which the beneficiaries are empowered to be economically independent, however, the production units  at the Peace Centre have grown into strong, economically viable cottage industries absorbing as many of these beneficiaries as possible while, Some of them return to their communities or other towns to establish themselves having acquired the necessary skills and expertise to earn a living and to train and empower others. This attests to the multiplier effect, the Rehabilitation Centre has manifested, thus spreading fulfillment, contentment and peace.